Most frequent questions and answers

The process of successfully building a website takes at least 35 days. This includes organizing and collecting the content, designing and developing the webpage, as well as publishing the webpage with the necessary settings. Depending on the complexity of the project and, also, the communication with the client, the required time of the completion may differ.

It is a cost-saving corporate solution, which offers customized features that are adapted to our clients’ individual needs. It has the basic form of an informative website (starting package) that aims to present a brand or a service to the online world.

The initial and basic pricing of Webarts Website Reborn solution is 1500 euros. This includes instant support from exclusive customer service, premium page design, WordPress, CMS etc. Any additional tools and functions such as Eshop, Real Estate Functionality and presentation, will be evaluated and priced accordingly.

Along with the setting up of a website up until its publishing, our team performs the appropriate processes for the basics of SEO. This service is included in all Webarts Web Design packages.

From the beginning of our collaboration, our team undertakes to send a proposed roadmap with the estimated timeframe of each of the procedures that will be followed. The Project Coordinator will always be in touch with you, informing you on the project’s progress, as well as on the next steps.

The Web Support department will always be at your disposal, even after your website is published. It will evaluate and execute any requests for whatever changes you may need accordingly.